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Wis stats (166.03) (5) The emergency management services in any town shall develop and promulgate an emergency management plan consistent with state plans.


This plan has been developed to provide procedures for the Town of Ridgeway government agencies to respond to the various types of emergencies or disasters that affect the community. It provides a link to procedures that will be by Iowa County since this municipality is part of the County emergency management program.

Municipal officials have primary responsibilities for disasters that take place in this town.  The appropriate town agencies will be activated to deal with the disaster.  The chief elected town official or the emergency management coordinator is responsible for coordinating the town agencies and coordinating the response with Iowa county officials if assistance in necessary.


  1. Municipal agent assess the nature and scope of the emergency or disaster.

  2. If the situation can be handled locally, do so using the procedures in this plan if appropriate.

  • The Emergency Management Coordinator advises the Town Chairman and coordinates all emergency responses.

  • The town chairman declares a local state of emergency and notifies the county Emergency Direct or of this action

  • Forward the local state of emergency declaration to the County emergency management office.

  • The emergency management coordinator activates the Town Emergency Operations Center

  • The town chairman directs departments to responds to the situation

  • The town chairman issues directives as to travel restrictions on town roads and recommends protective actions if necessary

  • Notify the public of the situation and take appropriate actions
    Keep county officials informed of the situation and actions taken

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